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A problem I have with CS:GO, and the only reason I mainly hate it
So it's just a game, right? Right...? RRRRRrrrrRRIIIIIiiiiiiiiIiiIiigggghhhhhhhHHhhHhhHtTtTTtTttT!? (Excuse my French)

Seriously, the one thing I hate the absolute MOST of Counter Strike Global Offensive is the intentionally terrible spread. Most guns you HAVE to fire from the hip or from the arms and recoil is against you. Wouldn't they be trained enough to at least FIGHT against the knockback to the point we could aim? This isn't Halo, damn it, like we already can handle Halo's spread and... was the original 1st person no ADS kind of futuristic CoD stuff. (Hence why Halo 5 failed)

Just rid it or get it better now. (Or give me my money back so I can just play offline.)

This isn't 2012 anymore. This is 2018. We play by those standards (at least gamers like me) and they should feel dated, not overused or irrelevant.

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