Good news! We are about to migrate our mini-status to an official website. Please look for it when it is available.
pssst... hey, like... we just did this for a while and I think now our bags can be moved to a much better source.

Hey! You're not registered with us. You can only post on this board! To obtain all features, register today! We do not charge, nor are owed any funds for registration. We update frequently, so be sure to get a free account today!

We fixed an issue where Guests and Members were unable to chat on this board, so we finally actually implemented a fix for it. New guests should be able to chat here now. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Damn, never expected this board also needing some repairs. That's been done too. At least now we could probably see what happened to the others.

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Homepage Announcements and Official Groups
For the new homepage announcement needs, you can find them anytime you visit the index. Keep in mind that they WILL be updated as necessary. We also have a temporary status page so you can know if things are problematic.

As for the other update, users can now have an official group for their account! A multi-rank plugin should be inserted soon to reflect that.

Xyaena's Forums is now v1.3.2.
Join groups by navigating to and joining any public groups available.

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