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[Sticky] Please read before posting
Hi there,
These are some common ground rules when posting on this forum. 
1) If your hardware fail is related to hardware (the thing you can touch) that has failed, but still works fine. You're in the wrong place. Thats not hardware gore. 
2) Hardware Gore can relate to: Gaming consoles, indicating a overheat error but works just fine. Graphics Cards that look weird by melted plastic (if the hardware device itself was stored in a hot computer case with inefficient cooling)
3) Hardware Gore is a Xyaena's Forums exclusive. Which means that all rights are owned by us. So no cheeky making subreddits about Hardware Gore. 
4) Cracked Screens or Cracked unibody shells (MacBook and other Crapple based products) are not hardware gore.
5) Software gore IS NOT FOR SPAMMING. As stated in our rules. Spammers will be removed and banned with/out notice. 


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