We just recovered from major downtime. You can read this newest thread for information and a timelength of what happened. We weren't able to warn you about this, so we deeply apologize.

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Our host was DDoSed.
As of our first check at 12:25 AM December 5th, 2018, we noticed an issue with the site's performance and cPanel. Later at 2:40 AM, the services was hit with a DDoS attack and was thrown offline. The main page and its status page were the main victims of being hit. Our site's performance degraded significantly after that. As of 7:51 AM on a home network, the load was...

Generated in 303 ms (85.80% PHP / 14.20% MySQL) 
SQL Queries: 23 / Server Load: 15.66 / Memory Usage: 10 MB

This continued into the moments while I was at school. Our forums went offline at 8:05 AM and became a serious test of luck getting it online. Users were receiving SSL Version Interference and Connection Reset errors for several hours. This was a result of a netpull. As of the check between 9-10 AM, our server load hit over 15, which was extremely unusual for a host that we are using. For us, we have an average set between .5 and 3. The next check at 11:17 AM was...

Generated in 3.296 seconds (97.22% PHP / 2.78% MySQL) 
SQL Queries: 26 / Server Load: 4.23 / Memory Usage: 10 MB

This was probably the end result of the server trying to alleviate the load. This used more PHP than MySQL which helps balance off the load. The site was still a hit and miss, you couldn't even log into the ACP with the lag we had. About 1-2 PM, the load was enough to hit 3-4. Finally, as of the last check of 8:17 PM, it resulted in a good resolution for us.

Generated in 73 ms (82.48% PHP / 17.52% MySQL) 
SQL Queries: 23 / Server Load: 1.35 / Memory Usage: 10 MB

No personal information was invaded or stolen, so you shouldn't worry about having to change anything. However, our data also remains untouched but was inaccessible while hit with the DDoS attack. We couldn't warn you properly, and thus we apologize deeply for this.

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