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Savage Garden - I Want You
2139 Song Trivia  

The "Chica-Cherry Cola" bit in this song is the lead singer Darren Hayes stuttering on that lyric during the recording session. 
“I can’t remember why I decided to stutter the word cherry. It’s a love-hate song, we were a love-hate band and it’s a love-hate lyric.”
Fast, wordy and with slick production, Hayes says it came simply.
“It’s essentially a wet dream. The lyrics to the song are about having a dream about someone you fall in love with. It’s always very surreal. Thank god for ‘chic-a-cherry cola’ — it was one of the lyrics that’s stuck in your head.” 
(source: News.com.au [SourceURL: https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/mu...76057d7fa])


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