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Forum Announcement: PRIVACY POLICY
Updated 11/13/18

By registering or participating, viewing, or in any way being associated with the site, you agree to this Privacy Policy that has been instated within, and for all to view. Without a Privacy Policy, information may be considered untrustworthy and we would be fully liable.

What do we obtain from the forum?
We, the administration and the staff members believe that security to our users is key. By ensuring privacy will be within our hands, we are legally forming a bind between you and our Servers, Databases, and user information. You may opt out of the collection of necessary data by not visiting the board.

We obtain the following for legal and security purposes for guests: What content they posted in the Guests section, IP Addresses, GeoIP Location (via the MyBB source), and Hostname servers. (We WHOIS and reverse search them if needed.)

We obtain the following for legal and security purposes for members: Posts, IP Addresses, Hostname servers, GeoIP Location (via the MyBB source), and any information you submitted through your profile. (We WHOIS and reverse search them if needed.)

We don't share them to third parties, but certain sites love to obtain data, and it is not within our control. Please keep your security secure by not providing personally identifiable details.

The use of ExtendedUserAdminInfo and how it affects you.
We have intended the use of this plugin in order to track users through their OS, Geolocation, Browser Agent, and the type of Browser used. This is intended to better detect ban evaders, but also be able for administrators to better moderate through legal information provided by your browser. It is recommended to read the privacy policies of your browser, for example: Google ChromeMozillaInternet Explorer 11Microsoft Edge, and Opera. The use of the TOR Browser along this plugin may not benefit complete privacy cover. We actually recommend NOT to use TOR Browser as it has negative effects of the display on the forum! Please consider using a compatible and supported browser.

My privacy might be invaded. What should I do?
Contacting our staff is the pronto of all things. We will work quickly to resolve issues related to privacy issues. If you feel you are in immediate danger as a result of a user on our forum misbehaving, you should report the user and IMMEDIATELY call your local authorities. We cannot legally press charges onto anyone who may be harassing you, but we can put an end to it.

Why does this matter to me?
This policy matters to you for legal purposes, including compliance with GDPR regulations. We want to form a working relationship for all users to be able to post without feeling any form of danger. With our policies in place, we are legally responsible for what happens with your privacy, and that we have ensured that your privacy is within our responsibility, and we are in no way obligated to keep any information meant to the public concealed.

Message to those in the EU
To those in the European or UK regions, we use these tools not for advertising or promotional purposes, but for security purposes. We do not, and will not, send data to third parties. You are in control of your privacy, as we cannot technically stop you from exposing your own privacy on a forum board.